LeighAnne Phillips

I am born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and a Proud Southern Woman I am. I went to college at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I have 3 children, Madison -18, Micah -8, Mylee Grace -4, and an amazing little man in my life called a grandson, Brayon Nash is 1 year old. My passions as a child included barbies, paper dolls and gymnastics, dirt and bugs were not my friend, in fact they made me cry. I was raised in a family that focused on football, church and lots of drama. Our family outings consisted of football games and Pizza Hut. The few attempts my father ever made to take us camping were a complete disaster as I complained of the dirt and bugs the entire time, there were no such thing as baby wipes back in the day. In 2010 at 41 years old I was faced with some rather serious health issues and made the decision to live every day of my life as if it were my last. However I still had much the same apprehensions about the woods, I reluctantly gave in and went on my first hunt as a spectator with Ty Womac, the love of my life and an avid hunter of over 30 years. That cold November morning would be one that I would never forget. As I glassed the woods of Cleveland, Tennessee a large grey creature crossed my sight. I began counting the points that branched off the animals' head and as my body began to tremble I knew that my life as I had always known it was changing forever. I was hooked and getting dirty and the worry with bugs was simply a thing of the past. It was my very first deer to ever see in the woods... A Tennessee Whitetail Buck.


My passion and love for The Outdoors grows deeper with every passing day, for every rising sun I truly see life from a different and more loving perspective now. My 2 younger children, my better half - Ty Womac and I spend as much time hunting, hiking and scouting and simply spending time at various hunting spots and even the woods behind our home as often as possible. On my first hunt of the 2011 season I was blessed with my first deer harvest, a Sika Stag in The Blackwoods of Dorchester County, Maryland while on an amazing adventure hunting Sika Deer. My deer season took off from there hunting locally here in Tennessee, harvested my first Whitetail in Milledgeville, Georgia, St Johns Island, South Carolina and ended in amazement of the size of The Whitetail Deer in Pike County, Illinois. My love for The Hunt runs so deep that I launched a ladies line of hunting/fashion apparel -Sassy Does, in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Shot Show in 2012. My hope is that every young lady and all of The Empowered Huntresses in the Hunting Industry will find comfort as well as feel beautiful with what we are bringing to The Industry and Get Sassy on their Hunt!


My prayer is for all of the Little's who have a fear of the woods - or maybe the dirt, that someone will take their hand, be their friend and walk them through their fears to the other side of Life - they are our next generation of hunters and The Future of our Country. Everyday brings something new and wonderful my way. I stay excited about my future and truly believe that when you stop learning..you stop living. This Southern Girl is all about some livin' and can not wait to see what's around the corner.